805BJJ Class 93: Same sweep as last time, sumo, rolling

We did the same pendulum sweep as last time. Cosmo and I practiced it together.

After that we paired up and did back-to-back scrambles. I still can’t believe I was the biggest guy in the class, but I think that’s why I didn’t get destroyed on these. Then we switched to sit-up starts, where I also did okay.

Then we lined up against the wall by size did sumo, going up the line and then back down. I was the biggest so I only had to go once (against Cosmo) and lost easily. Leo won on the way back down. After that we did sumo with shoulder gi grips. I did better against Cosmo but I again lost. The last time we were back to regular sumo, and Greggo was going to see how far he could go against the class, but he didn’t get past Cowboy.

Then coach Mark announced that it was his youngest daughter’s birthday, so we sang “Happy Birthday” for her. After that, Mark gave Dave a stripe on his blue belt. Then Mark left and we rolled. 8 minute rolls!

My first roll was with Dave. He started in my full guard. I tried the pendulum sweep but didn’t quite land it. Needed better momentum to get him over. But I got on top of turtle and pushed him over into side control. He kept getting half guard but I pressured and kept transitioning between mount, side control, and occasionally 1/4 guard. Finally he tapped because he was out of breath and couldn’t get me off the top. He was very complimentary, and for that I’m grateful.

My next roll was with Taco (Jared). He rolled very soft, and I got side control on him, but I let off when we got near the cement. He then got on top of me and arm barred me. I complimented him on how good he is.

I stayed for the last roll and got paired up with Corey. I started in his guard, broke it open, and passed. He recovered half guard a few times and I spent most of the time getting past his half guard. Curtis came in and was coaching him a bit, but it didn’t help. I almost got a collar choke on him but he rolled me to guard, where I failed to finish the choke. Darn. Oh well, we finished with me breaking his posture and him resting.

I left with mat burn on my left foot. That messed up spot above and behind my big toe. Stingy!

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