805BJJ Class 94: closed guard, side escape hip bump sweep, collapse the kickstand, regular hip bump sweep, Rick’s brown belt, drilling with Ray, light rolling

Class started with Rick doing the warm ups. It was unusual, with a bunch of leg swings (which I really need to practice because that was rough) and running and tumbling. Then we did closed guard stuff. I partnered with Ray, who was chosen as the dummy for the first technique.

Suppose someone is in your closed guard and posturing up with their hands on your belt. You can grip their elbows and pull them in to break their posture by twisting their elbows while pulling with your arms, simultaneously pressuring them with your legs to bring their head down. Then you can slip one of their elbows across your chest and off onto the mat on the side, hip out, and then hip bump them over, keeping heavy on that trapped arm to keep them from getting it free.

If they’re not letting you get their arm over, you can just do a regular hip bump the other way. Or a Kimura or a guillotine.

Once the lesson was done, Coach Mark got up and gave a speech about BJJ progression. Then he awarded Ric his brown belt! We all lined up and threw him on the crash pad. That’s not something you see every day.

The first 2 rounds of rolling, I drilled with Ray. He’s practicing passing from headquarters when the bottom person is wiggling their legs around and making it difficult to get grips. I was practicing guard breaking and getting the knee up to start stapling for the pass. I’m still awkward at that but at least I got some drilling in.

I rolled with Chase (last guy w/o a partner) and I let him work. He was setting up some attacks but I was too heavy and had too much base to really get caught. I told him that if he had my bodyweight he’d wreck me.

Last roll was with Jose, who I gently wrecked. Kimura from closed guard. Americana from side control. I advised him to 1) keep his hands off the mat, and 2) keep his elbows tucked close to his body by default. Lessons I’m still consciously trying to learn.

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