805BJJ Class 96: back collar choke, rolling, 5th stripe

First day back after gout and flu. First training day this entire month. I’ve been wrecked lately, and have been doubting my ability to get back on the mat. But I tried it today, and it went pretty good.

I wore my new hemp gi today. It’s so soft and pliable. Turns out it makes for an excellent weapon for my opponents to use against me!

Anyway, warmup was standard and not that hard. Coach Mark taught us the collar choke from behind, then the chicken wing, then the chicken wing on the rack. Stuff from a year and a half ago that I had kind of forgotten.

Then we rolled. I started with Joe, the hippy purple belt guy. He got me with a one handed clock choke.

Next was Ray, who mounted me and stayed there.

Then I rolled with Leo, who I kimura’d from the top after a long fight. Coach Mark was appreciative.

Next round I took off before rolling with Cowboy. He choked me out 3x with my new gi before he started coaching me to keep my elbows in tight.

Next roll was with Matt, and we were pretty even.

I took the last round off. Then I got my 5th stripe on my white belt. 17 classes in 4 months since my last stripe.

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