805BJJ Class 98: Back take and choke against turtle, rolling

Coach Mark taught this Thursday morning class. TJ led the warm up, and then we got into the drill. First drill was just the standard cinching up the gi choke from behind. I paired with Ed, who’s kind of a new guy. Lots of reps.

Next drill was finishing the choke with the chicken wing. Put the back of your hand into the crook of the elbow, pull it back, then lift it over their head before sliding the arm behind their neck to tighten the choke. It’s devastating.

Mark then switched me from training with Ed to training with Eric, who’s just back from knee injury after 5 months off. Mark showed us how to tip the turtle over and take the back, and how you usually aren’t able to get the bottom hook in, so you can get the top hook in and use it to pull them over so that it becomes the bottom hook. Lots of neck exercise there with all the choking. I’m going to be stiff later, I bet! Mark went outside to talk on the phone and left us to drill for about 15 minutes. Eric had to take a break because of his neck, and I guess it was a good idea. I didn’t start feeling my neck until after I got home…

Mark came back in and had us put in mouth guards. TJ set us up for 6 minute rolls. I started against Eric, who’s both big and skilled. He’s like 90% of a Brandon, without all the Krav Maga. Anyway, he choked me with a one handed clock choke, which he then showed me. Come to think of it, that’s probably how my neck got tweaked! Anyway, you get the gi grip across the throat, and then you sit forward, sort of holding yourself up with the gi slack, and it makes for a really nasty choke. We rolled again and he got me in a really uncomfortable north-south but when he went for the arm bar I was able to slip out of it by the end of the round.

Next roll was with Ed. I was able to get out of an arm bar attempt from him and then get on top, but he swept me and he ended up in my guard. I was able to slide out the side and take his back. He rolled to his back so I took mount, and then took his arm, and finished an arm bar slowly and cleanly.

Next roll was with Matt. I started in turtle and Matt got me me down, but I got half guard, blocked the cross face and got the underhook, and was able to use that to scramble on top. From there, I kept passing to mount and he kept recovering half guard until I took his back. He could have slid me off his head but he didn’t, however I couldn’t finish because I was out of energy.

Next round I was back with Eric. I got on top, but he folded my leg over and got on side control over me, and I tapped from pressure. Not sure the rib can handle his pressure, so I was being safe. I sat out the rest of the rolls.

EDIT: My neck stiffened up when my body cooled down after training. It made for an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

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