805BJJ Class 102: Kimura from everywhere again with a sweep

Got up early for a fasting blood draw, and came back to find out that tomorrow’s meeting had been rescheduled for this afternoon at 1pm. Well, that impacted my training schedule, but I decided to go anyway. I’ve been missing a lot of rolling lately, but at least I got to drill today.

We warmed up with a very brief set of laps and shrimping, followed by a 10 minute flow roll. I got paired with Coach Greggo, and found out that I don’t know how to flow roll. Over 2 years and nobody ever told me that flow rolling is just allowing sweeps and releasing submissions and minimal resistance.

We learned more details of the kimura. From the closed guard, pull them with your legs ans you swim your hands in and pull his elbows out, getting him to put his hands on the mat to stop his forward collapse. Grab one wrist (monkey grip no thumb) as you shrimp away and out a little, then reach the other arm over his shoulder and grip your own wrist from behind his arm. This grip secured, clamp it is you roll back onto your back, turning your torso perpendicular to your opponent’s, keeping their elbow bent to 90 degrees, and clamping their upper arm tightly. Bring your near side leg over their belt line to immobilize their hips, and rotate their shoulder joint to get the tap.

From the half guard, I learned a couple of important factors in establishing a half guard. First, block the cross face. Second, make the knee shield with the other knee to keep their torso from smashing you. I really need to practice those two things. Anyway, when you’re blocking that cross face, you can grip it and reach over it and lock up the kimura grip just like from guard. Roll back onto your back and control their hips by pinching your thighs together on their leg that’s in your half guard. Put your feet on the mat to scoot your hips farther under them to let you rotate your torso farther. Keep their arm bent 90 degrees and throttled down. Rotate their shoulder to get the tap.

The last technique we did was to counter the defense of grabbing their own belt. From bottom half guard, you don’t really have the leverage to break that grip, but you can turn it into a sweep and get the finish from the top. Let them pass to side control, and as they do, you walk your feet to north-south, use your kimura grip to roll them over, and you come up on top and in position to finish the kimura from the top, same as Saturday. Cool!

Then I had to leave before I could roll.

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