805BJJ Class 105: collar choke from guard and from mount, rolling

Coach Greggo taught this Thursday morning class. I was apprehensive going in (what’s new?) because I’d been sick for 5 days, and started 3 new meds in the last 2 days. Not sure how my body would react.

Standard warm up. Collar choke from closed guard. Cross collar grip deep on the label, wrist to the neck. Other hand sneaks under to get a corresponding palm-up grip right next to the first hand. Pull your elbows to the mat as you push your wrists/thumbs into the neck for the tap.

Next variation was the thumb-in version. Same first cross grip, but you pull their head down to your chest in guard, keeping their posture collapsed. Reach your second hand thumb-in to the collar, then shuck their head over toward the cross grip as you pull the thumb-in hand across their neck. Similar finish.

Collar choke from the mount involves again getting that first cross collar grip deep, then putting your hand across the neck and resting your elbow on their sternum to get their head off the mat. Reach your other hand around and shave their chin with your elbow and forearm as you slide your hand up to the shoulder with your forearm/wrist on the other side of their neck. Put your head down to the mat on the side of the top hand. Lower your hips and push your wrists into the neck for the tap. To do it extra hard, you can push yourself forward with your toes. This tends to raise their chin and expose their neck more, which is what you’re after.

Then we rolled.

I first rolled with Professor Pat. He got on top of me and pinned me in side control, trying to isolate my arm a bit before I got free. He took me down again and again got on top. The end.

Next I rolled with Dave. As usual, it was a fun roll. Dave got me in his guard. I started passing and he got that Z-guard that he’s been working on. I went to pass and he swept me and mounted. I upa’d and started another guard pass. We got into a bit of a scramble and I got into a triangle position from the top, but Dave countered it and used that to pass my guard. Again on top, he defended future upa’s so I started to shrimp out while he sunk the cross collar choke. I was able to sweep him and get top half guard while he was still trying to finish the choke, but he didn’t have good leverage or a good angle, so I felt pretty safe. That’s where we ended.

Next I rolled with a new guy. I had him show me the techniques he’d learned in the class, and I gave him a tip on how to be heavy in side control top. He wanted to see the arm bar from mount, so I walked through the steps on him, but it’s too complicated to drill in a 4 minute round. I then gave him a crash course in guard passing before time ran out.

Next I rolled with Matt, the recently promoted blue belt. I had a hard time passing his guard, as I kept getting stalled in half guard (I guess that was last night’s lesson, which I missed because of work) and I tried the Escrima pass but I’m terrible at it and he was able to sweep me. We had a nice scramble. I ended up again in half guard, only this time he tried to collar choke me from half guard bottom, which is where Dave had ended up too. The round ended there with Matt as well. I guess my defense from half guard top is solid.

I sat out the next round. Last round was with Daniel. We had an easy, flowy roll where I just tried to chill within his guard, and pass if he gave me anything. I again ended up on half guard top, only this time he locked up a kimura and actually finished on me. I feel I should have been able to get out of it but I didn’t think to posture up and back away until after I tapped. Almost survived the day untapped!

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