805BJJ Class 108: back take from turtle, rolling

Four black belts on the mat today. Mark, Christian, and Greggo taught. Pat participated. We started with a slow job for a few laps and then a 10 minute flow roll. I rolled with Dave. I think we’re getting better at flowing.

The lesson was an intervention into Cowboy and his addiction to slinky Jiu Jitsu, and an emphasis on taking the back. So we focused on pulling turtles onto their back.

Rolling went okay. We always started in turtle. I rolled with Dave and we were even. I rolled with Christian and he gave me some half guard pointers. I rolled with Tom and he bow-and-arrow choked me, then I tried to take him down with a clock choke and failed. Then I rolled with Cowboy and he got me in a weird arm lock, but complimented me on being able to switch from one submission attempt to another that became available.

I came out with an even more aggravated thoracic back muscle, and a broken left pinky toe and smashed big toes from all the wrestling.

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