805BJJ Class 110: osoto gari, hip toss, hopping osoto, randori

Another morning class taught by 3 black belts. Mark said that for the next month or two, we’re going to focus on stand up techniques, drilling throws and takedowns.

We did osoto gari again, with a machine gun line for the drill on the crash pad.

We did hip toss again.

We did hopping osoto gari too. Reach over the back with your sleeve grip hand (from standard grips) to defeat the stiff arm. Hook your near leg behind the opponent’s far leg (away from the back grip), then hop toward your knee, pressing them off balance with your chest. Once they’re sufficiently unbalanced, sweep the leg and land on them.

We drilled the combo of back grip hip toss, back out, then enter for hopping osoto gari.

We did a light, cooperative randori. I teamed up with Andrew and we took turns setting each other up for throws. He walked me through the fireman’s carry throw, which I’ve learned before a couple times, but he brought me up to speed quickly.

Then we did live sparring starting on the feet. I started off with Mike the purple belt. I held my own and didn’t get destroyed. Survived a few submissions from the bottom. Next I went with Mark, and he laid on top of me in kesa gatame and showed me what can be done with the position. The pressure was so intense that I wanted him to choke me out just to escape the pressure. Last I went with Christian, who tripped me a couple times and I locked him up in my guard a bit until he passed and the round ended.

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