805BJJ Class 111: half guard passing, rolling

Coach Mark brought us through this one solo. He had TJ warm us up, and then we got into it.

The first pass was the one I do ALL THE TIME! Cross your far elbow over their body and put it down in their armpit. Put your free knee into their hip and sit down next to their near arm, so you’re facing their legs. You can then wiggle your leg out from between their legs, or even break their legs apart (holding their chest down with your knee on their hip makes it hard to keep the legs together) and go on to pass.

You can also do a little tripod and then knee slide through.

Rolling was all about energy conservation. I rolled with Leo, and he kept recovering guard on me. I rolled with Ray, and he hip bump swept me to mount and I again couldn’t reverse or escape. I rolled with Jose and got my only submission of the day – a sloppy north-south choke. Jose has gotten a lot more calm, and didn’t give me as much as he used to. Then I rolled with Nolan, who was a new guy who’d done judo before, and he was pretty sound positionally. I did reverse him once with a single leg takedown, but he managed to reverse me too. Again, I wasn’t going too hard, and he commented on his luck in getting me after a bunch of hard rolls. I told him not to be so sure about that. Really, I was just about as soft on roll #2 of the day.

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