805BJJ Class 113: late but not, hopping osoto gari off failed harai goshi, 4 man drills

I had a hard time getting to this Thursday morning class. Work had me scrambling until after 10am, when I decided to walk out on it and try to get to class. I got dressed up, packed my stuff, got my water, and left. Got all the way to the freeway before realizing I forgot my wallet, so I got off at Sunset Hills and went back home. Got the wallet and phone, and headed back to class. Got there late, only to find that there were no coaches. TJ told me he was planning to do just top-middle-out with me, him, and Dave. Fine by me! While I was getting dressed, though, Mark showed up. We warmed up while he was getting dressed, and during this time Andrew also showed up.

We started the class with Mark showing us a hopping osoto gari option if we fail the harai goshi. That’s why Mark said to get comfortable with that half man, leg blocked position. You can use your lower leg block to then hop around their leg and hook it out from under them. It’s not a heavy throw, but it’s effective.

We paired up to do a light, semi-cooperative randori. I went with Dave to the back half of the class, and we took turns taking one another down until I jammed my right big toe between the mat squares. It hurt so bad that my foot felt cold. That’s the lingering effect of the injections, I bet. No telling what the long term effects of this injury will be, but it’s not good. Didn’t stop me from training though. No sir.

After that, we did a 1-2-3-4 series of drills. Starting with one person on the back, the other with their hands on the feet, starting free rolls. First, person 1 rolls with 2, then 1-3, then 1-4, then 2-3, then 2-4, then 2-1, then 3-4, then 3-1, then 3-2, then 4-1, then 4-2, then 4-3. 1-4 were Dave, TJ, Andrew, and me.

Next we started with full mount. We did a couple rounds, and Mark told us that when someone pulls an S-mount, you can double underhook that lifted leg (one hand behind the butt, the other behind the knee or ankle) and hip heist out the back. Nobody got it during rolling, so we got extra instruction later.

Next we started face down with our opponent standing at our feet, and we had to turn and establish guard.

Next we started face down with our opponent straddling our hips, and we had to avoid having our back taken. I got a good mount reversal, and I got a double bump heist of TJ off me where I lifted him with my hips, continued lifting his hips with my arms, and tucked my knee into the gap. He was surprised I was able to do that. (I learned it from Youtube).

Last we started standing, and had to do a takedown and grapple from however we landed, whether we got the takedown or not.

EDIT: I got a nice back strain after this one, probably when Andrew stacked me after I pursued a triangle way too long. Lesson learned!

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