805BJJ Class 120: punch block, body lock, hip toss, straight arm bar, mounted Americana, brief rolling

Tuesday morning BJJ! There were 3 students today – two guys who were doing their second ever BJJ class, and me. It was weird being the senior student.

Greggo started off by a long warm up, teaching us step by step how to do rolls and fall breaks and shrimps. Then he got into some self defense, including a punch block to body lock to hip toss to straight arm lock combination that we practiced a lot on the crash pad.

Then we went back to the middle of the mat to practice Americana from mount on one another.

Then we did a few rounds of rolling. First was Randall, who is intense. He gripped one of my fingers, but fortunately didn’t pull or twist.

Next was Derek who was really nice.

Last was Chris, the guy who got his black belt on the same day that Christian did 5 years ago. He threw me around before teaching me 4 really important things.

  1. basic north-south position defense
  2. arm bar defense – put the leg over their head
  3. half guard sweep – grip their cross face sleeve and bury it in your hip, then let them pass, reach over their back to their arm pit, hip into them and roll them onto their back
  4. side control sweep – deep hook their cross face biceps, crunch your elbow down to your waist, reach over and get a back grip, wait for them to push in and hip into them as you pull them over you

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