805BJJ Class 121: mount escape, half guard sweep, rolling

Greg taught this Tuesday morning class. It was my first class back in a week. We warmed up and then got into a warm up flow roll. I rolled with Scott, who’s a 2nd degree black belt after 22 years of BJJ training. He was surprisingly not that smooth at flow rolling, but maybe that’s just because I suck so bad.

Greggo taught us how to escape mount and defend against the collar choke. When the first hand comes into the collar, your cross hand blocks it out while your near hand reaches inside and does answering-the-phone. At the same time, you turn on your side and scoot their legs apart so you can escape the mount with one leg. With one leg out, you establish half guard by turning into them. From the half guard, you can get an underhook, and use that to pull them up high, then also underhook their far leg and use these two to roll them over. Step out of their half guard in the process to establish yourself on top of side control.

We also learned the collar choke and the arm bar from mount. Arm bar involved getting the collar grip deep, then pushing the opponent’s grip-side arm across their body, sliding up into S-mount, and sitting over to finish the arm bar. The collar choke was for when you couldn’t get the arm across, so that meant they weren’t using it to defend the other side of their neck, so you slide your own hand over and rake it elbow-to-wrist across their jaw to turn their head, and so you can situate it against their neck as you grip their collar bone/shoulder area. You go head down to finish the choke, and even if they roll you over, you can finish it easily from closed guard.

Then we rolled. My first roll was with Randall, and Cowboy (who was out injured) kept coaching us. I did okay but he’s crafty and strong and good at controlling hands by gripping fingers. I did okay. We ended up rolling about 3x and I only pulled off one good sweep on him – a scissor with kicking his leg out from his base.

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