805BJJ Class 122: nogi ankle lock, knee bar, triangle, and omoplata; rolling

Mark and Greg taught this Thursday evening class. I hadn’t made it to the morning class but I snuck out of work early to do this one. It was chock full of techniques. I partnered with Ray for the drills. We started with a straight ankle lock.

You get the ankle lock when you’re tangling with an open guard. Overhook a leg, put your opposite side leg under their butt on the side of the caught leg, wrap your other leg around and put it on top of their abdomen, fall to your shoulder on the side of the trapped ankle, slide your overhook down to the heel, use a gable grip on your own hands and hip into it to finish the lock.

The knee bar is done from a knee slice, only you slice the knee all the way around their leg (like sliding down a fireman’s pole) until your leg is under their leg and your foot is in their crotch to control their hip. You then hip into the knee for the tap. If you don’t have enough play, you can tuck it behind your shoulder for more.

The triangle we went over very briefly. The key points were that you have to lift your hips off the mat to lock them behind your opponent’s head, and you need to get your head off line so that your choking leg crosses along their shoulder line behind their neck. Perpendicular to their spine, if you can. The choking surface is the crook of that leg.

If you can’t get their arm across because they’re hiding it on the same side, you can rotate around and hit the omoplata. Get your leg in front of their face, pivot around until you’re 180 degrees rotated and your feet are pointing toward their head, parallel to their spine, with their arm tucked into your belt line. Bend your knees outward and sit forward on that shoulder to get the tap.

No-gi rolling was a lot easier for me. I was slipperier and able to escape a lot easier than with the damn gi on. I had an easier time controlling guys in my guard too, because they couldn’t hold me down by my gi.

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