805BJJ Class 123: paper cutter choke, north-south choke, baseball bat choke, rolling

Mark’s Saturday morning class. TJ warmed us up, and I had a little bit of panic when I started breathing heavy, but I focused on my breathing technique and was able to calm down. The calming down lasted all through the stretching, actually.

So we got down to the meat of the class, but not before a little bit of gym drama. Mark told everyone that Skyler’s dad had been calling parents of other kids. Also, he was trying to sign Skyler up at Kings MMA and asking them to not tell Mark. Also, Skyler’s dad once shot and killed a guy. The message Mark tried to hammer home was “don’t get lured into this guy’s garage.”

Anyway, the techniques covered were things you can attack from side control. Paper cutter choke involves you reaching under an arm and gripping the collar at the label, then leaning back to trap the arm down. From there, you grip with an overhand, thumb-in grip the far side of the front collar and lock back into your full side control while getting as heavy on that arm as you can for the tap.

Next technique was the north-south choke. For this, you get your arm around the head, then reach your other hand under their far arm and behind their neck to “put the saucer under the cup” which means put your hand under the fist of your choking arm. From there, it’s just scooting your hips back to pull their chin up. You can get a quick and dirty north-south choke without the cup and saucer, just using your choking arm, but then you need to stop them turning toward you so you block their hip.

After that, Greggo taught us the baseball bat choke, which Mark called a cross choke. It starts from knee-on-belly, which you get by gripping the collar at the label while also grabbing the belt knot. From there, you put the knee on their belly and let them push on it, meanwhile you use that deep collar grip to lift their head off the mat and open their lapel so you can slide your belt knot hand (after you let the knot go, of course) into a palm-up grip of the far collar. You put your elbows together and drop them down low as you slide your knee off their belly into a sort of neck-grip kesa gatame position. You should be using your shoulder on their belly to keep them down. From there, you do a hip heist to get yourself into a tripod position. Step your top leg over their head, then move your own head to the mat on the side you started side control from. With that tripod, you can pull your elbows skyward and push your wrists in (cross choke) to finish the submission.

Then we rolled. Started with Dave, and we had a competitive roll. Next was TJ who’s on day 6 in a row of BJJ training. He got me in the paper cutter choke after exhibiting patience. Then I got on top of him north-south but wasn’t able to do anything before time ran out. Next I rolled with Greggo, and got him in a side control kimura, which he walked me through. Then he choked me at the buzzer. Next I rolled with the deaf guy, whose name I can’t remember. I had a great performance against that guy. He started on side control, I recovered guard, he attacked my arm and I took out his leg and took his back, he turned that into a mount, I got his arm and finished an Americana after jumping off to side control. Next was Colt, and he was gassed from rolling with Greggo. I caught him in the dirty north-south choke. Last round was going to be with Jose but Greggo stole him from me so I rolled with Desi and she kept me trapped in her half guard for most of the time. I passed to side control once but she recovered, and I got to mount once but she recovered from that too. Great defense. Reminds me of Jen.

And that was the class.

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