805BJJ Class 124: rolling

It was a small Tuesday morning class with Mark, Greggo, and Christian. Mark decided that we were just going to warm up and then roll, and that’d be it.

We started with running and shrimping, then we did a 10 minute warm up roll. I started with Phil, and he taught me the uppercut defense to the kimura. He was going on about keeping weight on, but I was leery of the sweep.

Then we went to 4-minute rounds. I started against Greggo. He did a Z-guard sweep on me, and wrecked me. We started over, and he coached me through a guard pass. I got on top, grabbed his arm, and he fought it off. I used my leg to separate his hands, and he pushed my legs up over his face. I tucked my bottom leg behind his head and locked his head down with my top leg, then pried his hands apart for the tap. I was pretty proud of my finish, even though he mostly let me get there.

Next round was with Mark. He started leaning on me and I pulled guard. He stayed low and heavy and controlled my arms and prevented me from controlling his arms. Whenever I got too wiggly, he’d advance position until he passed my guard, got side control, threatened a bunch of submissions until he locked in an arm triangle. I defended it for a while by answering the phone, but I wasn’t getting out. He finished by just smashing through my defenses.

Next roll was with Jeremy in his 4th class. I taught him how to do side control and how to do an Americana.
Next roll I had off, so I helped Phil help Jeremy. Then I watched Christian destroy Brandon.

Next I rolled with Brandon, and I saved time by letting him start on top of side control. I tried to escape but nothing worked. I couldn’t unbalance him toward my feet, and I couldn’t get my knee under to recover guard, so I was stuck.

Next round was with Phil again. I told him I had 2 goals – train again on Thursday and learn something today. He told me to pick one. I said “flip a coin”. Anyway, Phil started in my guard, stepped up and stacked me. I underhooked his leg and, with a little leg momentum, got the pendulum sweep! I got mount, Phil started recovering half guard, I moved to side control, he grabbed the kimura near side, I postured up and grabbed my gi, then I tried to uppercut to escape. He blocked me for quite a while, but eventually I got free and went back to side control. He immediately grabbed my arm again, but the round ended.

Next round was with Greggo again. He did a spider guard sweep on me and it made me laugh how easily he took me over. I ended up turtling and he went for a Japanese necktie but let my head slip free (maybe minus some hairs). I missed a bunch from this roll but whatever.

Last round was with Christian. He let me start in mount, but that didn’t last long. He recovered half guard, then scrambled out and got to mount, and eventually arm barred me.

EDIT: I was not able to train again on Thursday. I had a strained muscle connecting the right side of my neck to somewhere down the inside of my right shoulder blade.

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