805BJJ Class 128: Saranya’s birthday, repeat of side control submissions

Greggo taught this Saturday morning class. We warmed up with a flow roll. Professor Pat paired up with me and did some ankle locks and leg locks. He said that you can defend an ankle lock by planting your weight on that foot and sticking it to the mat. Anyway, Greggo then went into the sequence of submissions he did last Tuesday morning, and I was able to try them out on Pat, who is much shorter than I am, and with a much more muscular neck and arms. Quite a change from doing them to whoever I did them to on Tuesday. Anyway, I learned some refinements and I also lost confidence in my ability to ever do those moves.

Then we did a side control drill. I won two battles and lost about 8.

Then we free rolled. I got tapped out 3 or 4 times, didn’t get injured, and kind of did okay.

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