805BJJ Class 130: guard breaking and passing, half guard passing and surfing, rolling

I got to class just as they bowed in and started to warm up. I changed and jumped in just as they started running backward. TJ did warm ups, then we got down to Mark teaching us some closed guard passing basics.

The first technique was to get from fully broken down to postured up in a broken guard. Grip the gi in the arm pits and push up while you knee them in the groin (I’m not making this up) and slide your body back, hopefully breaking open the guard. Once you’re back, you sit up quickly, moving one hand to the belt and the other to the knee away from the one you’ve still got shoved into their butt crack (again, not making this up) and you pop that knee down to open their guard. From there you can pass.

Next, Mark taught us a pass. From the broken guard, you lace your arm around one leg and take a double-hand-grip on their lower leg’s pants. Sprawl out your legs, leaving your chest to press their knees together, and work your way around until you can slide into side control.

Then we learned the bull rider break, which is just a different way of controlling the guard player’s upper body as you break their guard. From broken posture in someone’s closed guard, collect their two lapels at breastbone level, grip them in one hand, and tuck that elbow into their gut. Put the other hand on their belt right next to your other elbow. If they try to sit up, you can straight arm them in their neck (I am still not making this up) and then go back to your bull rider grip. Slide your body back as you knee them in the ass crack (still not making it up) and simultaneously move your bull rider grip hand to the belt knot as the other comes down to pop the knee and open the guard.

We also learned half guard passing again. Basically, when you’re in the half guard, you jam your knee into the outside of their hip, then lean your whole body across their face to keep them on their back. Grip their top pants leg, and mule kick their bottom leg out. Once you’re free of their half guard, secure side control.

Then we rolled. I started the session with John, who has been training a couple of weeks. He started in my guard, and I triangled him but let it go as I swept him and secured side control. I taught him how to recover guard. I let him pass and then I recovered guard. I broke his guard and passed to side control, then had him recover guard again.

Next was Randall. I got him in my guard, and played with him there. He was able to break out and almost pass a few times, but I recovered. He tried to smash me while in my guard but I was able to move him off to the side.

Next was Jeremy. He was trying so hard that I became alarmed. I told him he needs to calm down, because his instincts are telling him he needs to try as hard as he can, but that’s a recipe for exhaustion. Later, TJ and Andrew told him the same message.

Next was Chris, the black belt from HQ. He went to half guard and grabbed my cross face sleeve and shoved it to his belt. I knew he was going for the sweep but I couldn’t extract my hand and he moved into the sweep and got it. Then I spent the remaining 3 minutes of the round trying not to let him take my arms off. He would get hold of one of my arms and he’d yell at me to protect it and to not give up, and it was exhausting but by the end I had recovered guard and we were both panting.

Next round was with Phil. I was able to pass his guard into half guard, and he locked up a kimura but I was able to keep space and posture, preventing him from using it and forcing him to let it go. It was a good roll.

Next was TJ. We started neutral, he took me down and got on side control, and tried to do the paper cutter choke that Mark taught us a couple weeks ago. I turned on my side and grabbed his shoulder to limit his mobility, and he was not able to lock it up. I survived!

Last was Andrew. He started in my guard. He postured up, slowly broke the guard, and started passing. I tried to break his elbow knee wall but that didn’t work. I scrambled out and he tried to take my back but I was sideways. I tried to turn in but he got my arm twisted up. I slowly managed to untwist my arm but had to give up the mount to do it. Eventually I was able to upa him over very slowly, and ended the roll in his guard. Good roll!

Here’s a picture of me falling asleep in Phil’s half guard. Embarrassing!

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