805BJJ Class 131: stack guard pass, top bottom out drills, Kohaku tournament

After I watched the entire kids’ class, it was my turn. We did a standard TJ warmup and then learned the stack pass. Essentially it starts with the guard break. Step a foot back to get your body long enough to break open the guard. From there, you’re underhooking the leg you broke open, and tucking it up onto your shoulder while the other elbow holds down the hips. With this locked in place, you step forward with the foot you stepped back with as you reach your guard breaking hand up to a deep far collar grip (assisted by your tuxedo gripping hand) and you simultaneously drive their trapped knee to their nose. You can kneel with the forward leg and bring the rear leg up to boost their butt higher and put more pressure on their neck. It’s a lot of pressure, and they’ll usually help you with the pass just to relieve the pressure. You can also just smash down on their neck with the paper cutter choke set up by the far hand.

Then lined up against the wall and arranged ourselves by size. I somehow got paired up with Ted and Jose, who are both a lot smaller than I am. We drilled very short sessions starting from all sorts of bad positions – mount, back mount with choke grips in, turtle with seat belt and hooks, and full guard, and standing. Top bottom out. Poor Jose. But I got the worst of the standing, as they were both able to take me down.

After that we lined up on the wall by weight, and we did a Kohaku takedown tournament. Logan was honored for his performance on Thursday, but Ted stole the show today. I got 0 takedowns but gave a good fight both times I went out. Ted got several wins and finished the line. Double win!

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