805BJJ Class 132: Tarzan single leg takedown to double leg, arm bar triangle omoplata drill, rolling

Christian is back! He taught this Tuesday morning class.

Warm up started with simple gripping, sticky hands, and grip breaks, interspersed with a normal warm up’s drills. Then we circled up and learned the Tarzan single leg takedown. From a high lapel grip, drop step the opposite side knee while maintaining a HARD downward pressure on the lapel. Hook the other hand behind the knee, get to your feet while lifting their leg, and then drive them toward their planted leg while maintaining the downward pressure on the lapel, keeping it firmly planted and taking them over. Be mindful of how you finish, avoiding their legs and getting to side control. If you have trouble getting them down, or if you lose your lapel grip, you can reach your lapel hand across to the far knee and go for a double leg.

We did a randori with our 6 classmates, going with each opponent twice. My first with everybody I basically was defensive, stuffing their takedown attempts and then getting behind their resultant turtle. The second time through I got aggressive, dropping Phil with an uchimata, and wrecking Jose freelance. Christian said I was finally coming into my time, and I finished the sentiment “…after years of sucking!” “You have to be the nail before you can become the hammer.”

Next we did some guard drills. These are drills I think we should be doing all the time, but we really don’t. From closed guard, setting up the arm bar, triangle, and omoplata.

Then we had some rolls. I rolled with Phil first, starting in closed guard. He passed my guard slowly, and I did the chewjitsu side control sweep on him, dumping him up against the pole. We kept working, and I tried to fend off his kimura from the bottom and pass his half guard, only to run out of time. It was a good contest.

Next I rolled with Matt, who’s coming back after 3 weeks of recovering from “getting snipped.” I passed his guard and got on top of him in side control, and was chasing submissions for the rest of the round, but he was able to escape them all.

Next I rolled with Jose. He started in my guard. I locked up a triangle and he tried to stack me. I fought the stack and kept cinching up the legs, because they started out barely connected. Each adjustment got them a little tighter. I finally tapped him, then showed him how to keep the triangle from getting locked up, OR how to stack really brutally in a race to pressure the bottom guy enough to want to bail out of his triangle attempt.

EDIT: I really wrecked my left toe in this class. A week later and it’s getting worse when I walk.

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