805BJJ Class 135: no-gi guard passing, kimura finishing and defenses, recovering from almost-guardpass, rolling

I brought Christian a big kukhri tonight before 6pm nogi class. He was happy.

Class started with a normal warm up. I was fast and ignored the small pains in my foot.

Next we did guard passing drills as a warm up. I slotted in well, dominating the smaller white belts or orange belts and getting chewed up by the more advanced, athletic students.

Then it was Q&A time. I asked how to react when I realized my guard was getting passed. Greggo used the knee slice pass as an example, and showed how you can use your underhook and knee to push them past you and take their back. Christian showed that they’re fighting for the space next to your hip, so you can block them with your head, hip escape to a tactical temporary turtle, and use that to re-establish your guard further back. Greggo also showed putting the top knee across, or using the bottom leg as a distraction as you attack their arm or back during the pass.

Another question was on finishing the D’Arce by switching to the anaconda. Neither instructor liked that option, preferring to get a shallow forearm grip, pressing the head forward, and using that space to force your arm farther through.

Then we rolled.

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