805BJJ Class 137: Iranian takedown from knees/scramble, Iranian counter, brutal head removal, pendulum sweep, hybrid scissor/pendulum sweep, arm bar, rolling

Mark started us off on this class (I got in halfway through the warmup) showing us how to do the “Iranian” which is where your opponent gets up on one foot and sits back on his knee. You get low and torpedo his raised knee, at the same time sliding your same-side hand/arm along the mat to grip the planted heel (even if they pull back, shooting past it to grab it will still get it for you) and use your head to drive them down with their trapped leg. You use your free hand to chop down their hips and move them along. To finish the pass, bring your ankle-gripping-elbow up over their lowered thigh, lean your upper body on their chest to press them down, and then slide your knee in to secure the side control.

The wrestling counter to this takedown is to sprawl, reach over, and grab the feet of the shooting combatant. To get past this defense, you post your free hand on the mat and use it to lift your opponent’s feet into the air and dump them. You have to protect yourself from them twisting their body and using their calf to take your head off, though. It’s seriously brutal.

Then Christian taught some techniques to do from a foot-posted-forward posture, this time from the full guard. He showed the pendulum sweep, which involves you underhooking the posted leg as you raise your same-side knee pit to your opponent’s arm pit, and wave your free leg around to get momentum to tip them over and mount them.

Next sweep was the hybrid, so going from an open guard, they put their foot forward, you hook under it with one foot as the other foot does the scissor sweep motion. Grips are far sleeve and near lapel. Resulting position requires effort to avoid 3/4 mount (because your hooking foot can get trapped in there) so you can either slide it through or go for knee-on-belly.

Finally, the threat! You can fake the pendulum sweep and instead shoot your hips up for the arm bar. You can finish it there or you can take them down, scoot your butt into their shoulder, collect their arms, and peel their wrist off for the finish.

Then we rolled. 8 minute rounds. I started with Jeremy, who I had to keep reminding to chill out. I taught him a mount escape and I taught him a back escape.

Next in line was Phil. I did the takedown of the day on him and got on top, then he tried to kimura me for the rest of the time.

After that it was Mark, who got on top of me and held me down with his belly. He toyed with me for about 7 minutes before choking me, but said I was moving well.

Next and last was Cowboy, but for only 5 minutes. I did the blunder of fiddling with his lapels before passing his guard, and he schooled me for it. Coach Mark was yelling instructions to me about how to get out of his attacks. I did, and I might have hurt his ear given the way he moved away. He finished me, and in the last 30 seconds he did it again.

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