805BJJ Class 140: arm bar from the guard, rolling

Mark and Greg taught this Tuesday morning class. It was a first for me in many ways.

  1. First class since the girls went to Nepal last Thursday
  2. First class in a week
  3. First class since my toes were injected with cortisone

We had a slow and easy warm up because Mark led the show. He’s participating because he’s trying to get into better shape, and his cardio isn’t all that great. So we very slowly eased into our exercises.

The lesson was the arm bar from the guard. Isolating one arm and bringing it across the body. Moving your hips away from the shoulder of the arm you want to attack, so that you can make space for your leg to come up and make a wall on that back side, foot on the hip to help control posture. Frame with your near hand to control the head as you lift your near side leg up to their arm pit and clamp it across their shoulders. Pivot your body perpendicular to their body so you can swing that outside leg over their head and clamp it down on the back of their head.

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