805BJJ Class 141: last no-gi, butterfly guard, sweeps and passes, rolling

It’s been a long, tiring day.

After morning meeting at UCLA, I went home early and made it to 6pm class. It was the last no-gi class for a while.

We started with some butterfly guard drills and everybody sucked, but I sucked a little bit less than usual. Then Greggo went over some butterfly guard techniques, and everybody caught up to me.

So the idea with the butterfly guard is to hook your feet behind the opponent’s thighs and jam your shins into the front of their thighs to control their legs and hips. At the same time, you need to hold onto their torso, either with an over-under grip or double-unders. You can also jam your head into their sternum to make a more solid connection. To sweep someone with your butterfly guard, you need to scoot their knees back and out from under their trunk, so you need that solid trunk control and then you can alternately scoot your legs forward to drive their knees back using shin pressure on their thighs.

At the end, Jose called me out for acting like a jerk at Costco gas last week. I remembered the time he was talking about after I left – it was when I got stuck in the middle waiting for the slow guy to drip gas into his motorcycle.

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