805BJJ Class 142: knee on belly, arm bar

Greggo’s Saturday morning class. He taught us about knee on belly, which is good because I suck at it, both top and bottom.

Transitioning to knee on belly from side control involves gripping the collar with the crossface hand, and gripping above the hip with the other hand, pushing up with the knuckles, putting the knee into the solar plexus with the foot hooked on the side of the body, and the other leg based out of gripping range.

From there, you can do an arm bar when they try to reach across to push your knee off. You underhook that bicep and lift them onto their side as you push their face down. Step your bracing leg around their back, by their belt, and use it to hold them up on their side. You then grab their leg and arm at the same time, raise your leg-grabbing arm up so their leg has to straighten as you sit back, and extend both for the tap.

Then we rolled a bunch. I got wrecked by a purple belt named Mike, then by Brandon, then the deaf guy. Had a light roll with Jose, then Greggo. After that I had to sit a round out, finishing the final round again with Jose.

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