805BJJ Class 143: upa escape, upa escape counter roll, rolling

Greggo taught this Tuesday morning class.

We learned the upa escape from mount again. This time we did it from the collar grab. Then Mark had us take off our gi tops and do it for self defense style. Then the gis went back on and we learned to recognize when we were getting upa’d from the top, and to trap the arm and do sort of a scissor sweep to continue the roll to regain mount. Cool.

Rolling started with me vs. Cowboy. He started mounted on me. I reversed and Americana’d him. The I mounted him. He escaped and I managed to get him in guard and then scramble to the top. I somehow injured his damaged shin, probably when I was doing a butterfly pass.

Next roll was with Colt. We rolled by the benches, so Mark was watching us. Colt said he thinks I got a lot better. I have been practicing. So I managed to get on top of him and had a kimura locked up. Went for an arm bar and was trying to break his grip when the round ended. Mark was impressed with my thinking and assured me that it’ll start just clicking eventually. I still have to think a lot.

Next roll was with Christian. He’s been out with a rib separation and a groin pull, and he’s trying to get back up to speed. I felt it. I was able to secure positions that I ordinarily would feel him wiggle out of. I managed to fend off his gi choke until the round buzzer.

Next roll was with Greggo. He finished that gi choke pretty quickly. I think he was trying to prove that even though Christian couldn’t finish me with it, he could. Anyway, then we had another go and he tried it again, but I was able to spin out of it a couple times. I really need to bone up on my knee-on-belly escapes.

Last roll was with Chris. His back was bugging him, and I was able to lock him down and keep him from wrecking me too badly. Finished the round puzzling over how to finish a D’Arce in the gi.

Then I bought a new blue gi from Christian.

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