805BJJ Class 144: arm bar from mount, proper mount technique, low mount sleeve fist choke, rolling

This was a Thursday morning class. I felt okay going in, but it was hot. Warm up was very brief.

The first technique Greggo taught was arm bar from the mount, starting with a collar grip. It starts with pressing the forearm to their chest. Hard. It lifts their head off the mat, and it feels horrible from the bottom. Next, you press their elbow across their body and hold it across their body with your collar gripping arm. Then you stay low, creep forward, slide your knee behind their head, and slide your other foot into their arm pit. Push their face down as you let go of the collar grip and hook their elbow with yours, lifting them onto their side (while still fully sitting on them). Then lean your weight over their body as you slip that foot over their head and tuck the heel into their neck. Then you finish by squeezing your knees together, grabbing their thumb, and breaking their elbow off with your crotch.

Mark went over proper mount posture. A-frame with the knees pinched and an inch or so of space to ride the hip bumps. Or you can get low, hook the legs, underhook and lift the head, and base your hand out. You can make them pee if you press your hips into them too.

From the low mount, we learned to modify the Ezekiel choke to just drive the fist into the neck. It sucks. That’s what Rick did to me as a new white belt, and that neck was bruised for a month. Ouch. Dick move, for sure. In fact, that’s all Mark teaches, really. Like that turtle lift to get the hooks in. That’s brutal.

Anyway, we also learned how to reach under the head and grab the collar with the head lifting hand, then shuck the elbow around and push it to the ground. Then you can slide your knee up behind their head and your other foot into their arm pit just like for an arm bar, but this time you drive your rear hand behind their neck and feed the top collar to the hand coming out from below their neck. With that gripped (like a bow-and-arrow choke) you can lift their arm with your free hand and shoot it behind their head for a nice collar choke.

Then we rolled. I got to start with the new guy from a valley dojo. His name was Sergio, and he was a nice guy. He put it on me and eventually kimura’d me, I think. I spent 6 minutes on the bottom.

Next was Andrew, who also put it on me pretty heavily. His feedback afterward was that I could have escaped at one point if I’d just been a little stronger or had more energy. I was pretty done at that point.

Then I rolled with Jared (Taco) and he put it on me too. He tapped me with a Japanese necktie and a foot lock. Dude has skills.

I took the following round off, but then Greggo grabbed me and reset the round timer so everyone else got an extra long round. I felt so weak, but I managed to stick him in a position and I was able to not get too destroyed for a while.

The last round I sat next to Jeremy, who had hurt his back again.

After class I talked with Sergio. Mark thanked me for my leadership.

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