805BJJ Class 145: wrestling attacks from the knees, low mount maintenance, collar-fist choke, rolling

I came into this Saturday morning class with a deeply bruised left heel. Warm ups were a painful challenge, especially the hopping, but I managed.

Mark taught us some takedowns from the knees. Get low, grab their knees, jam your forehead into their breastplate, and knock them back. Switch to your shoulder on their chest as they go down, and control their legs with your hands as you assume side control. You can also come in at an oblique angle with your shoulder to their midsection and drive them down, again controlling their legs as you assume side control. We learned to knock down the turtle, grabbing the opposite leg’s knee and ankle as you put your shoulder into their ribs to take them over. We learned to scramble off the turtle and get that takedown too. Then we learned to do the same thing but from behind the turtle, pushing their butt with our shoulder or head, and pulling their knees back to put them flat on the mat and get on top of them.

Then Greggo taught the low mount again, with emphasis on pointing the toes up instead of hooking, and lifting the head off the mat by the crown rather than the neck. He also taught the fist and sleeve choke again, which is very versatile. You can put your fist into their jaw or neck or wherever and it works. Brutal!

Then we rolled, each round 3 minutes and starting from mount. After 3 minutes, top goes to bottom. After 3 more minutes, switch partners and start again with smaller person on top. I started with Jose. I was able to reverse him from the top almost immediately and get on top, but I couldn’t submit him. Then 2nd half I let him start on top again, and I recovered guard but was unable to submit or sweep him. He’s getting better, though I might be getting weaker and wearier.

Next partner was Shabbar. I started on top of him and was unable to submit him. He wiggled out and eventually I got lazy and he reversed me and submitted me. Then he started on top and submitted me quickly with the submission of the day. I was able to get a couple moves on him, but he’s fast to recover and stayed ahead of me for most of the roll.

My next partner was Craig, the new-ish white belt. I was able to work him pretty well, and submit him, but he’s a ton better than when I last rolled with him. He was glad to hear me say that.

My last partner was Sean. I think I managed to survive against him despite all his tricks.

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