805BJJ Class 147: guard overhook submissions – gi choke, triangle, straight arm bar, omoplata, foot lock; rolling

My first day back on the mat in almost 3 weeks! I came in feeling fragile, but did it anyway.

We warmed up with a couple 5 minute flow rolls. I got Greggo first and Phil second.

Then Greggo opened up the mat to questions, and TJ asked about what to do once you break their posture in your guard and get an overhook with a cross-collar grip.

Greggo first showed how to choke with the gi. The overhook grip lets you turn to your side and get your leg over to help hold them down. Then you can hook their far elbow with your lower knee. From there, you can reach your lower hand to their near-side gi behind the shoulder, grab the material, and slide your elbow along your lower leg and across their neck for the choke.

You can also slip your lower leg over their far arm, swing it behind their neck, and lock up a triangle.

You can also slide back to align their elbow with your crotch and then lean belly-down to finish a straight arm bar.

You can also put your top foot in front of their face and sit up to secure the omoplata. Finish by preventing them from rolling through, getting your feet out of the way, and hipping up a little bit away from their body.

IF they do roll through, you can hook their near leg as it comes over and you can secure a foot lock on it. Finish by trying to drive their toes into their own tailbone.

Then we rolled. I did alright. Cowboy gave me lots of advice. Phil kind of chastised me for talking about what I did. Greggo said I was hard to budge off the top of him after he got me in kind of an upside down guard. It was a pretty good return to action. Next class should suck a lot.

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