805BJJ Class 149: Standing guard pasing, hip problems

Greggo taught this Thursday morning class. My hip had been burning for a week since the girls came home, so of course I was nervous getting back on the mat.

We started with a 5 minute slow warmup roll, then Greg opened it up to questions. Cosmo asked about standing guard passes, so we learned about standing with your kickstand in the throat and lifting them off the mat by their lapel. Then you bring your other hand to their knee as you lean back and bounce them loose. As soon as they open their guard, you drop them and step back, keeping your lapel grip and that elbow connected to your knee as you press their other knee to the mat and stretch out their crotch. They’re going to really want to adjust, and you can knee slice or stack pass depending on what opens up to you.

Then we did some guard passing drills. I did kind of okay. Failed a few times. Succeeded a few times.

I had to tap out of the rolling because my hip was acting up. I sat and talked to Jeremy as everybody rolled.

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