805BJJ Class 150: rolling on Saturday

Mark was back from having a cold, and he was alone teaching the kids when I arrived. Eventually we got a few more and had a good class, but Mark didn’t feel like teaching a technique so we just rolled. We were restricted to not close our guard and not hang out in half guard.

I learned how to tip someone off side control by pushing their armpit to lever them over (but then retract your arm so you don’t get arm barred) so that should come in super handy in the future.

I also learned that if someone is trying to get your back but they’re off to the side, standing up eliminates their access to your back.

I learned that the baseball bat choke relies on the attacker moving their lower body away from the underhand grip, so if you move your body away from the underhand grip, you keep them from choking you. But better than that would be not to let them get two hands in your collar.

I was able to finish a triangle choke, a Coach Mark Special paper cutter choke, and a couple of kimuras.

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