805BJJ Class 154: Don’t trust your neck, rolling

Mark and Greggo taught this class, and it was a return to the fundamentals of defending your neck.

We started with the standard collar choke from the back. The emphasis was on efficiency – feeding the collar firmly to the choking hand, then reaching horizontally across to the other lapel, which you pull straight down to finish the choke. You can also drop them to their side with the choking arm down, and put them on the rack to tighten it up.

Then we learned to defend it. We learned to use scissor fingers to intercept their hand and get a grip on some of their fingers, then go monkey bar on it. I got my left index finger tweaked, but it was mainly about the mindset. PROTECT YOUR NECK! I’ve been very guilty of trusting my neck lately, and I need to stop that.

We rolled some 3 minute rounds, and I managed to protect my neck, at the cost of two of my fingers. The right ring finger had a chunk gouged out by my own pinky fingernail, while the left index finger got sprained while trying to fight hands away from my neck. Good trade in a fight, but it’s going to require some healing before next training.

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