805BJJ Class 156: single leg defense, arm bar guard drills, triangle from guard drills, rolling

The Medina show! Christian taught this Thursday morning class by himself. We started with some pummeling, then some partnered kazushi, then some partnered hopping, holding our partner’s leg and keeping our balance. We used this to transition into single leg defense, where you hook a whizzer on the same side, turn to face parallel to your opponent, hook your foot to the outside, and kick your leg back and out.

That really hurt. We did takedown drills for a few minutes. Then Christian taught us the arm bar guard drill, where you rotate from one side to the other to do the arm bar. Then we did the similar triangle drill. We rarely do drills in our gym so it was a good experience.

Then we rolled. I went with Jeremy, Cowboy, TJ, Jose, Jeremy, and Jose again. The hardest was TJ. He arm barred me, then he got on top of me and tried his best to demolish me, but I survived the onslaught and was breathing heavily afterward. That left me gassed vs. Jose at the end. I did almost get his back from the 3/4 mount by doing the shoulder roll with the leg hook, but I didn’t secure the back quickly enough. Anyway, at least now I know that works. I also got rolled on my knuckles when I was trying to choke him out, and that still hurts.

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