805BJJ Class 159: guard recovery via turtle, 2-in-1-out

Very small Thursday morning class today. Christian instructed, and he warmed us up with movement drills – shrimping, then cross legged shrimping, then cross legged shrimping to orthogonal turtle, then cross legged shrimping to orthogonal turtle to stepping up and shooting a leg through for guard but oriented perpendicular to your original alignment before the shrimp (also orthogonal).

The technique was basically to respond to an inevitable guard pass by hipping out to turtle and then shooting the legs in to recover some kind of guard. In the last few weeks, we’ve also learned that you can attack the legs from turtle instead of falling back to guard, or you can sausage roll out to reset. I need to practice all of these things. This is what I was asking Greggo about earlier this year and he showed us a way to boost them past you and take their back.

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