805BJJ Class 161: Arm bar from guard, rolling

Tuesday morning class. First time back in a couple weeks after being sick. Feeling cold, weak, fat and brittle, but I need to see if that burns off after a good workout. I’m trying some tape around my left foot’s toes to see if that holds them together a bit during training. First try I taped them too tight but by putting weight on the foot between wraps I was able to figure out a good size to make the wraps and it feels more comfortable now.

Got in early. Washed my mouthguard. Light warmup before class. Bowed in. Running warm up. 2 regular shrimp, 2 cross shrimp. Circle up around Christian. Arm bar from guard. Oh man. I paired up with Jeremy, and we’d both been out for 2 weeks. We did the arm bar drills, but we were not very good. I kept letting my opposite side leg go wild when I stepped my same side leg onto the hip, preparing for the pivot. Jeremy kept going the wrong way. Our shortcomings really became obvious when we started doing it at a pace.

Then we rolled. I mostly sucked. Slacked off a lot on the pace. Didn’t go for any submissions except against the coaches, and of course those didn’t work out. I did manage to get on top of Cosmo, Dave, and Matt. Mostly I didn’t let them escape.

When I was too tired to do proper rolling, I taught Matt how to do the hip bump/kimura/guillotine from guard if someone’s trying too hard to posture up. Last roll I took Jeremy out on the mat and showed him how to finish a collar choke even if he gets swept off the mount and ends up in guard.

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