805BJJ Class 162: side control top spin, ghost escape, rolling

Christian and Mark couldn’t make it to teach the class, so TJ got us started with something that Rick taught him. When on side control top and your opponent starts to shrimp and get their knee in, you can spin around to the other side. If they stay up on their side, you can gift wrap them, lift them, and take their back. I need to work on that.

Then TJ got called to work. I did the drill with Matt for a bit, then asked if there was anything he wanted to work on. He said he has a hard time getting out from under side control. I asked him what his options were from down there, and he said that all he really does is shrimp to get his knee in and recover guard. So I taught him the roll over reversal, where you’ve shrimped and they’re pushing you down and across really hard, you can turn with their momentum and essentially hip toss them over you.

The other one I taught him was the ghost escape, where you start with your hands out of framing position. Get a strong overhook of their far arm (you can grip the gi material if they’re wearing a gi) and you insert your other arm under their whole body to essentially underhook their ribs. Then you hip bump and walk your legs out while your upper body follows your underhook out. You can then go to your knees or wrap up for the Darce choke, whose details I could not remember properly.

Then Dave and Cosmo wanted to know what we were going over, so I showed them as well. Then Dave talked about leg wrapping to pass the guard. Then we put up some 5 minute rounds and we rolled.

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