805BJJ Class 167: cross leg shrimping to escape side control, rolling

Mark’s Tuesday morning class. While getting dressed, I showed Jeremy my fading blue belt and told him “Once this fades back to white, I get to put all my stripes back on!” and he thought that was hilarious.

Class started with a normal warm up. I felt good! Better than I’ve felt in the last couple months. Then we got down to the technique, which is using the cross legged shrimp to ratchet away from side control bottom and go for the attack. Works against someone who’s not smashing down on you.

We did a skill builder on the crash pad where we lined up, held the opponent’s hands by the meat, then dropped low to hook behind their knees before coming up with our forehead/face in their solar plexus and dumping them down. It has the benefit of making them hit the ground while you remain standing, and it was helpful in that it’s the approach we should take when we come up to our knees.

Anyway, then we rolled.

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