805BJJ Class 17: transitions

Changed after KM41 and got into the middle of the warmup. Christian at the helm, and he took us through some neck exercises for the first time that I’ve seen at 805BJJ. Jen was there and checked in on how my rib was doing. Last time I saw her was when I popped my rib, and I was proud to tell her that it’s 100%.

The class was mainly composed of transition drills between positions. Mount buck/trap/roll to guard, then sit up sweep back to mount. Road map side control to half guard to butterfly guard to full guard, then back. Mount elbow escape to guard, then butterfly sweep to switch. All good stuff!

Rolling all started in the mount, and we had to work to escape. I must have tapped out 6 times just because I was afraid of my neck. But I was able to learn some stuff from observing. Like Eric’s belly-on-face mount, or Phil’s butterfly sweep. I had a good time, got swept a lot, and survived. Very sweaty and breathing heavy, but I never got that panicked feeling like I used to get when I’d overdo my cardio. Very satisfying.

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