Krav Maga Class 41: shoulder tag, straight punch, groin kick, knees, bear hugs

TJ’s class on Thursday morning. I came in with a stiff neck, but it had about 90% mobility so I took a chance on training. Came in early to wrap my hands.

Standard warm up. Shoulder tag.

We used MMA gloves for the straight punches (1-2) so I had to unwrap my hands. Dinged my thumb right away, so switched to palm strikes. I partnered with Eric, who is a blue belt in BJJ but a raw white belt in Krav Maga.

Next, we did front kicks, and I had to remove my MMA gloves to hold the pad. I just left them off. Hope I didn’t leave them on the mat. (Nope, they’re in my bag.) Then we did knees. Eric threw some heavy knees.

Stress drill for basic strikes was 4 pad holders on the cardinal directions, and one person in the center spinning with eyes closed. A pad tap and hold for strikes until TJ called time. Easy.

After that, we did bearhugs from the front, arms in or out or with no space. Base and space. Drop down, hands to hips (or smack the groin if there’s no space) and kick the groin to make more space, then side control and strikes and get out.

Stress drill for bearhugs was just eyes closed and then defend when the bear hug comes in. All were basically the same – get low, get space from the hips, strike, control, more strikes to get out.

Aaaand we’re late for 805BJJ17.

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